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signup disabled

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Since I’m sick of deleting three spam blogs a day and because there is no working anti-spam-blog solution available I disabled the signup-page of this site. However, if you’re a blogger who wants his blog hosted here do not hesitate to contact me at admin[[att]]nureinhobby[[dott]]org or leave a comment here. I’ll gladly assist you in setting up your account.

Da ich es satt habe, jeden Tag drei Spamblogs zu löschen und es keine wirklich funktionierende Anti-Spam-Blogs-Lösung gibt, habe ich die Registrierung für neue Blogs abgeschaltet. Falls ihr hier ein Blog haben wollt (und kein Viagra verkauft (zumindest nicht über dieses Blog)) dann könnt ihr mir eine E-Mail an admin[[att]]nureinhobby[[dott]]org schicken oder hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen, ich richte euch dann einen Account ein.

comments, spam and all the rest

Friday, February 9th, 2007


it’s me your ingenious admin speaking. Todays topic of choice is: comments and what you make of it.

I recommend that you activate the following three plugins to make your life a lot easier: “Live Comment Preview”, “Subscribe To Comments” and “Akismet”.

The first let’s the user see what he actually writes, which is really cool because WP has no preview-function and you can’t edit your comments after you have posted them.

The second allows a user to subscribe to an article he commented on so that he gets a email everytime someone comments after him. Not as good as the all-in-one-tracker but still a nice thing. No more looking at the site every hour! =)

While these first two can be activated via the “plugins”-page on your dashboard, Akismet needs a little more attention. You have to got to and get a (free) blogaccount there. With it you get an Akismet-API-Key. You can use that to stop that annoying message from showing up everytime you log in to your dashboard. You’re comments are protected from spam too – and you don’t even have to moderate!