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we now have footnotes

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

A feature you all have been waiting for: Footnotes! If you wrote something like this:

Just enclose any text you want to have footnoted in double parentheses and it will show up at the end of the text with an appropriate link. ((This would be a footnote.))

Your blogpost would look like:

Just enclose any text you want to have footnoted in double parentheses and it will show up at the end of the text with an appropriate link.1

Important: There has to be a space before your footnote otherwise the system won’t recognize it. You can activate the wp-footnote-plugin in your dashboard under “Plugins”.

In other news: I also added buttons for font-type and size. Also Podpress has been updated. In some cases that seems to mess up the Anarchy Media Player. If you have any problems leave a comment here.

  1. This would be a footnote. []

tag, you’re it!

Monday, March 26th, 2007

At the request of a guy who invaded my brain this site now has the ability to tag or be tagging. You can activate the plugin “Ultimate Tag Warrior” in your Plugins-menu.

Have fun!

comments, spam and all the rest

Friday, February 9th, 2007


it’s me your ingenious admin speaking. Todays topic of choice is: comments and what you make of it.

I recommend that you activate the following three plugins to make your life a lot easier: “Live Comment Preview”, “Subscribe To Comments” and “Akismet”.

The first let’s the user see what he actually writes, which is really cool because WP has no preview-function and you can’t edit your comments after you have posted them.

The second allows a user to subscribe to an article he commented on so that he gets a email everytime someone comments after him. Not as good as the all-in-one-tracker but still a nice thing. No more looking at the site every hour! =)

While these first two can be activated via the “plugins”-page on your dashboard, Akismet needs a little more attention. You have to got to and get a (free) blogaccount there. With it you get an Akismet-API-Key. You can use that to stop that annoying message from showing up everytime you log in to your dashboard. You’re comments are protected from spam too – and you don’t even have to moderate!

look at me i’m a video!

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

I added the Anarchy Media Player which can do a lot of things but is here for one special reason: YouTube-integration.

let’s be friends

Saturday, January 20th, 2007


I admit that WP is not the same as good old g-blog, but at least we now can be friends!

You can add friends in your dashboard under [Users > Friend List].

Right now the friends-list is only implemented in the themes “WordPress Default” and “Freshy”. If you plan to use another theme tell me, I will add the functionality then.

Your friendly Admin.


Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Hey people!

Especially: Tiramisu!

This blog now has an mp3-player. You can enable it under “Plugins” in your Dashboard. You then can set additional options under … “Options > Audio Player”.

An example is in order. Here is Tiramisus latest track:

The audio folder setting is of no use to you because you do not have access to this server. So all it is good for ist linking to other mp3s. If you need a little webspace to host your files and belong to the inner circle, contact me.

A good manual for the mp3 player can be found at 1pixelout, which is he home of this plugin.