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comments, spam and all the rest

Friday, February 9th, 2007


it’s me your ingenious admin speaking. Todays topic of choice is: comments and what you make of it.

I recommend that you activate the following three plugins to make your life a lot easier: “Live Comment Preview”, “Subscribe To Comments” and “Akismet”.

The first let’s the user see what he actually writes, which is really cool because WP has no preview-function and you can’t edit your comments after you have posted them.

The second allows a user to subscribe to an article he commented on so that he gets a email everytime someone comments after him. Not as good as the all-in-one-tracker but still a nice thing. No more looking at the site every hour! =)

While these first two can be activated via the “plugins”-page on your dashboard, Akismet needs a little more attention. You have to got to and get a (free) blogaccount there. With it you get an Akismet-API-Key. You can use that to stop that annoying message from showing up everytime you log in to your dashboard. You’re comments are protected from spam too – and you don’t even have to moderate!