Somehow WPMU messes up the RSS 2.0-Feeds. Since they are the standard feeds for the site, the result is quite messy. I didn’t find out where the error stems from, but I have a remedy.

  1. Got to feedburner and get an account.
  2. Insert the URL of your blog (“http://nureinhobby.org/username”) .
  3. When you’re asked which feed to use choose “RSS 2.0″.
  4. Finish the process, remember the location of your feedburner feed and come back to your dashboard here.
  5. Activate the Plugin “Feed Locations”.
  6. Go to Manage >> Feed Locations.
  7. At RSS 2.0 insert the URL of your new feedburner feed.
  8. Save. Tell everybody the new of your feed. Done.
  9. Optional: Do the same for RSS .92, ATOM 0.3 and the comments feed.

And of course there is a new RSS 2.0 feed for this blog too.

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